New work: “Wind/Psalm” for voice

For voice and adaptable accompaniment, setting a text written for me by my wife several years ago, for which I’ve been attempting to make a good setting ever since. Wind/Psalm was written on March 25 as part of a 24-hour concert event (composers write for twelve hours, performers prepare for twelve hours, followed immediately by a concert of new works), slightly revised since. Read more HERE.

QUEEN OF HEAVEN recording now available

Kari Johnson’s recording of Queen of Heaven is now available for streaming and purchase on Irritable Hedgehog’s website! Digital download alone is $5, CD (and instant download) $7… and as with all of Irritable Hedgehog’s recordings, you can listen online for free.

Many thanks to Kari and the Irritable Hedgehog family for all of the work that they put into this recording. It sounds simply amazing!

Queen of Heaven recording

Exciting news: Queen of Heaven will be recorded in August by Kari Johnson for a late 2011 release on Irritable Hedgehog!

Kari is, of course, the pianist who both commissioned and premiered the work, so it is fantastic that she will be able to make the first recording of it as well. She has a recording of the premiere performance posted (at least for the moment) on her SoundCloud page here, if you’d like to hear more than the two movements I’ve posted on my own. It was a very demanding piece to write, and very rewarding as it came together, and Kari has been completely wonderful to work with throughout the whole process.

Details forthcoming, but you can watch Irritable Hedgehog’s Twitter and Facebook pages for updates on this and other great projects. Seems they always have something interesting up their prickly sleeves…