Meet the Robot

Yes, you read that right. I am working with Paul Rudy on an installation for the UMKC Friends of the Library, to be presented May 12 at the Friends’ 45th annual celebration.

Here’s a short description I wrote of what we’re doing…

This installation uses sound and light to explore the relationship between physical objects and the non-physical ideas they represent. It is an interactive meditation on the intersection of old and new technologies that invites participation–as the viewer touches, moves, and interacts with books on a shelf, new sounds and images present new avenues for reflection on what is truly enduring, and what is ephemeral.

Read the announcement and get more info here.

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Composer of music and sonic art. Percussionist, guitarist, computer musician. Composition/theory/electronic music professor. Husband and father. Catholic. Food and beer enthusiast. Perpetually dissatisfied with the contents of my sock drawer.

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