The End is… Near?

Perhaps counterintuitively, we “commenced” last Saturday and are now back in class. We still have a few classes to finish before we’re all officially graduated. Anticlimactic, one might say. Still, it was a good feeling to walk, and we’ll be done soon enough…

Tracy and Scott rule


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Husband and father. Catholic. Amateur cook, general food enthusiast. Composer of electroacoustic and other neat sorts of music. Composition/music theory/electronic music professor at Washington State University. Electric guitarist, classical percussionist, frequent performer of live computer music. Lover of this messy, complicated, stressful, beautiful life.

2 thoughts on “The End is… Near?”

  1. Congrats on being almost-but-not-quite-officially finished! Just (officially officially, as far as I know!) finished up my lib. science degree in May. Now I’m trying to figure out what degree to work on next 🙂 I’ll have a fabulous tuition benefit with my new job, so I really can’t pass up the opportunity. I think I might do a EdD in Higher Education Administration…
    Best of luck!

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