“The fact is that we are sinners!”

“‘Confess your faults one to another’ (Jas. 5:16). He who is alone with his sin is utterly alone. It may be that Christians, notwithstanding corporate worship, common prayer, and all their fellowship in service, may still be left to their loneliness. The final break-through to fellowship does not occur, because, though they have fellowship with one another as believers and as devout people, they do not have fellowship as the undevout, as sinners. The pious fellowship permits no one to be a sinner. So everybody must conceal his sin from himself and from the fellowship. We dare not be sinners. Many Christians are unthinkably horrified when a real sinner is suddenly discovered among the righteous. So we remain alone with our sin, living in lies and hypocrisy. The fact is that we are sinners!”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together (from ch.5, “Confession and Communion”)

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Composer of music and sonic art. Percussionist, guitarist, computer musician. Composition/theory/electronic music professor. Husband and father. Catholic. Food and beer enthusiast. Perpetually dissatisfied with the contents of my sock drawer.

2 thoughts on ““The fact is that we are sinners!””

  1. Hey Scott –

    I’ve not posted in a long time here – but every once in a while I peek in to see what’s up on your ‘blog.

    This little book of Bonhoeffer’s is just full of gems, isn’t it?

    Take care,


  2. Thanks, Eric. And welcome back! As I was reading Life Together over the last few days, I kept thinking that it was going to be one of those books that both requires and rewards repeated readings with deeper riches. I’m already looking forward to reading it again.

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