Some of you may be interested in a recent find of mine.

Bookmarked in my (a social bookmarking site) are two large excerpts from Orthodox Bishop Kallistos (Timothy) Ware's book, The Orthodox Church. The first excerpt is on Orthodox Church history, and the second on issues of faith and worship – including quite a bit on how Orthodoxy has approached the ecumenical movement, and its relations with various non-Orthodox churches.

I've been wanting to read this book (along with another of his books) for some time, but that whole grad student schedule tends to get in the way, so I've been poking through these pages a bit over the past few days. Enjoy!

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Composer of music and sonic art. Percussionist, guitarist, computer musician. Composition/theory/electronic music professor. Husband and father. Catholic. Food and beer enthusiast. Perpetually dissatisfied with the contents of my sock drawer.

One thought on “Notable”

  1. Wait a second…is this the same Scott Blasco?

    I have to apologize, I’ve been so busy lately that I really lost all track of reading other people’s blogs. Now that the semester is out, I’m playing a game of “catch up” with them and man, look what I find!

    Bishop KALLISTOS’s book was my (and many folk’s) first real dive into the Orthodox Church. I really think his less-read The Orthodox Way makes a stronger argument for “Why Orthodoxy?” Still, there’s nothing wrong with a little history.

    Ok, back to reading…

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